What Would I do Without?

My name is Mary and I study Zoology at Delaware Valley College.
Horses are my life. Even though I may not be able to ride as often as I would like, I miss my Jack Jack (my project when I'm home) like crazy.
Right now I intern at Wild Baby Rescue and although I am loving it, I can't wait to get back into the saddle :)
my main blog is yeayeahhyeah.tumblr.com so check it out!

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I learnt to be a person from books. Then I went out in the world and practiced. I am still practicing, but being a person in this world has let me learn from my books less and less. Fantasy is replaced by theory. But theory can only lead you so far. When theory becomes fantasy, when our minds are allowed to taste just a glimpse of the infinite possibilities of existence, that is when a true person is born. 

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September 26, 2014 4:22 am


So we tried taking the goat for a walk..

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Much needed Snowman appreciation post.
Snowman, an older grey plow horse, was rescued off of a slaughter bound trailer by Harry DeLeyer and was instantly recognized as the most bombproof, kindest, and sweetest beginner horse DeLeyer, a
life long horse lover/rider/trainer, had ever seen. Little did he know, Snowman would go on to be an unexpected jumping champion who would go on to win the National Horse Show against million dollar horses, imported from around the world.

*not my photos*

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I cried omfg this scene

I hysterically cried during this part

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